Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trippin and falling on my astral body

Ok, so half of you are going to think I am nuts and fell off the deep end and the other 2 of you are just not going to know what to think.

So, today I was going through deleting tons of email that is clogging my account we are talking in the thousands here. This is a job I absolutely hate.... I must be feverishly working on it to avoid the dishes and laundry and toys and mail and ...... whatever other monotony my days off are consumed with...

I found a site sent to me about 9mo ago about Kundalini and mysteries of the Goddess. Maybe this is news to you but I have been known to read up on Kundalini every so often. The author, El Collie wrote some very interesting things about how thoughts manifest themselves and how people going through or are open to spiritual enlightenment tend to be more open to visitations from spirits. She spoke about how they can manifest themselves in a number of ways, sounds, changes in temperature, feelings, and especially animals and how to communicate with them or ask them to leave.

Right at that moment I was reading, the dog sleeping besides me, started running in her sleep. When I looked down at her I noticed 5 huge black wild turkeys taking a stroll through my backyard. I started cracking up. Not the "I've lost my mind" type of crack up mind you! The Oh my gosh its funny type of crack up. Thank goodness I live too far out in the hills for the men in white coats to find me. Not that I am paranoid or anything. he he he.

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