Saturday, October 14, 2006

TV Time

Madhava 4 1/2 yrs., Shraddha (was 15 months in pic NOW 16 months!) Watching Baby Einstien.

Ok, since this blog is meant to be a type of journal/scrapbook of our family it is fitting to discuss the stuff that just seems so silly to me right now....TV. I know years from now it will be interesting stuff but it is just really silly to me now. First off we USED to have cable (digital even!) Oh how wonderful that was when I was on bedrest with Shraddha and I had an on-screen TV/cable guide and could just click on the shows I wanted to watch!

No, cable for us woodland folks. The techs actually laugh when you ask when it will be available. Apparently, we are lucky the phone and electricity work most of the time. That is... it works when the woodpeckers and squirrels and snowfall and lightening don't interrupt the service LOL!

Anyways.... back to the shows we watch.
Not much really these days. We only have a few channels so I end up watching things I wouldn't normally have. However, this only happens when I am nursing Shraddha to sleep or making dinner.

Game shows.... Deal or no Deal. This is really quite boring, yet I can't seem to turn away.
There is a new one I was just watching not sure of the name but they say "do you want the money or the mob?" Now that was good. It is kind of like the "Do you want to be a millionaire show".

The amazing race, I do tend to miss this one alot. I like the traveling but I just don't like the reality tv arguing/drama/stategy thing. But it is on my list to watch tomorrow night....Sunday 8pm CBS ch47

Studio60 It is a docu-drama show simulating the filming of SNL and full of dry humor. Wow just found out I can download Ghost Hunters from that site! LOVE that show! We like House too, but it is either on too late or the reception is not very good.

So that brings me to the shows I miss from not having cable.... Ghost Hunters, anything DIY, National geographic, and other Discovery/history/Nature Chanels or shows. But between BlockBuster and we are set. rocks by the way. I can rent many of the shows that I don't get anymore only no commercials and I have pause and fast forward. (by the way, I'm sticking out my tongue to those of you with DVRs/Tivo you know who you are! I am so jealous!). We are getting caught up on House, Ghost Hunters, and now get to start watching Kratt's, Be the Creature. As well as watching music documentaries. JAZZ, Blues, and Rock&Roll.
Roger just rented this wonderful movie about a woman musician that was deaf but could hear sounds by vibration and is a world renown percussionist. Do I remember her name or the name of the movie...NO! gotta look that one up. Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie (2005). This is a definate must see - both Madhava and Shraddha loved it.

Almost forgot to mention football. NFL. 49ers Fan here but I also like to follow the Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers (not that I really have time to 'follow' them LOL!) Just about any professional football game is fun for us, sometimes basketball. You won't find me watching baseball unless it is little league!

Our all time favorite shows to watch are American Idol and Rock Star (You have to see their site!). The kids even get into watching those shows.

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