Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blogging baby pic and blast from the past

Shraddha insists on blogging with me tonight. I have been trying to wait for her to fall asleep but so far it isn't happening before I am too exhausted. I got this cute pic and now I wish I had taken it in a higher resolution because it is such a good pic!

She was so upset when I wasn't home after tucking Madhava into bed and singing night-night songs. Roger says she went to the door and cried Mama Mama Mama for a while before she settled down to watch TV with Daddy. Apparently she was just fine when they all went to Red Robin for dinner. Wonder if she got to have her own bowl of mac & cheese or if she was eating her brother's instead? Last week Madhava was having to share his macaroni and cheese and was sad watching Baby eat it all....., "Oh, I hope she leaves some for me!"

I was having fun rocking out on the drive home. My ears are still ringing from blasting, "Come
Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)" by Offspring. You know this song was released 12 years ago?! Man, seems like yesterday I was just blasting this in my dorm room. Way back when WWW didn't really exist and I was typing on a word processor, not a computer. When I was really buff and would roll my eyes at guys asking if I needed help carrying my bike up 3 flights of steps, "Do I look like I need help?" Yes, my bike slept in my dorm-room with me. Way back when I was exhausted trying to keep up with all my reading and homework.... dreaming of the day when there was no more homework. HA HA HA HA!

Now, I'm blogging while nursing my baby, surrounded by piles of homework. At least this isn't the kind of homework that someone else gets credit for after all my hard research. Now I would LOVE if someone noticed that I needed help and offered to help me. My baby sleeps next to me instead of the bike and I enjoy shopping for cloth diapers online. If anyone ever tried to tell me that this is what my life would be like I would have laughed. And I still laugh now knowing that I wouldn't want it any other way.

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Beckie said...

Cute pic!!

Isn't it amazing how much we change in such a short time, thanks to our kids?? LOL!!