Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ahhhh silence

Sleep deprived and oh so tired but not as tortured as Tina is now or Tyren for that matter (poor baby). Way too tired to sleep. Just awake enough to jot some incoherent thoughts down until my mind catches up with the rest of my body and goes to sleep.

But who could sleep when Halloween and autumn (my favorite time of the year) are so near? There is so much to do.

Shraddha and Madhava both slept for 4 hrs today... the exact same 4 hrs! Is this the Twilight Zone? No no no... this must be a dream LOL!

I have so much to post but not tonight. Just a bunch of complete nothingness. I seem to all of a sudden become enormously busy. Scouts, Communication Seminar, Halloween Party, and I am sure there is something Babyfest that I could/should be working on. Oh I forgot that I was gonna drop the should's. Usborne is also on the list. Nothing immediate happening with that but it continues to take up RAM in my brain.

My house is demonstrating the state of my mind at the moment. Of course it doesn't help that Shraddha prefers to throw all the clean laundry out of the basket (folded or not) onto the floor. What is it with the books? Leave all of her 40 books on the floor and there they stay where she left them..... for days even. But if I dare to put them neatly back in the bookcase.... they only stay there for mere moments.

Ok all systems seem to be equalizing now.... off to bed.

Before you speak, THINK
Is it necessary?
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Will it hurt anyone?
Will it improve on the silence?
Sathya Sai Baba

I have to laugh because I am sure glad this post wasn't taking up precious silence.

I did however very much enjoy all the great laughs at the communication class. Thanks Beckie you crack me up!


Beckie said...

:) I do my best

Tinamama said...

communication class? you mean the how to talk so kids will listen class? i'm guessing y'all go to the tues eve class? we'll be there this coming week because we missed sat morning on account of the sesquicentennial parade (worth it!!!)