Sunday, September 10, 2006

YAY! I am back online!

I am so happy that I can be back online posting again! So, I will get right to it.

Summer is over and I am ready for cooler weather. It's a nice 67 degrees out now (but then it is also fairly late at night.) I will take whatever I can get for now LOL!

I saw the first tarantula a couple of days ago. It was crawing back into its nest only 5 feet from my back door. I also found a 4 ft long garter or racer snake. It noticed me LONG before I notice him. Needless to say, I am no longer walking around the property in the evening or at night to toss the trash or hang/get laundry. I get the creepy crawlies whenever I think about it... it isn't even October yet! I think I will be ok if they just not come in the house like the scorpians do. Haven't found any scorpions under the sheets for a while but I won't climb into bed until I check everything...even under the pillow. But I always wonder, if they climb in there when we aren't there.... then what keeps them out when we are in the bed?

Madhava started kindergarten this week at 4.5 yrs old. He is starting a year earlier than we planned and it may just be for fun for now. He is just loving it though. His favorite thing is share day, when everyone gets to bring in a favorite toy to share with each other. I want to get some pictures up but can't figure out how to upload them from the camera right now. I will try again tomorrow.

Right now he is very into robots. He loves to watch movies but Jumungi and Zathura are his favorites right now. I still think they are just too scary for him but he keeps asking his dad if he can watch it again and again. He can write his name when we give him an example. He can spell his name when asked. And he can write almost the whole alphabet as well as come up with words for the different sounds. I just started working on site words with him and "the" is the first one we are working on. He finds it on signs when we are out and about. He is still working on understanding the time of day, and past and future tense. I spent quite a bit of time explaining what yesterday and tomorrow means. He still thinks it is morning time when he wakes up from his nap ~ but if I slept for 4 or 5 hours in the middle of the day, I would be a bit disoriented too. I'm just happy to be sleeping that long without being woken up at night. He also just loves playing with Sadie and Shraddha. It is so fun to see Shraddha screaming with glee while Madhava runs around saying ,"You can't get me, baby!"

Shraddha, now 14 months is learning ASL along with the rest of us. She knows: eat, dada, thirsty, drink, water, bath, diaper, banana, mama, nurse, car, bird, tree, elephant, cat, dog, duck, flower, dirty, cracker, cheese, peach, ball, book, more, music, hat, shoes, bread, apple, cereal, bed, toothbrush, hot, cold, all done, down, cow, night, moon, stars, fan. 42 signs. She is a sponge... asking me "what's dat ?!!" and watching to see if I will teach her the sign for what ever she just noticed She is also making up her own signs. She saw a picture of a pterodactyl and signed elephant-bird.

Her speech is coming along too. She says, mama, dadda, daddy, bubba, Elmo, meme, mooo, book, up p p p , dadoo for thank you, adie for sadie, itty for kitty, mmmmm for yummy and flower while she signs flower, iaper for diaper, apple. She is also demonstrating great understanding. I will tell her to go give daddy a kiss and off she goes to plant a big hug and kiss on daddy. She understands brush your teeth, feed the kitty, where is...., go outside, time to go to sleep/bed, watch a movie.

Shraddha loves watching her Signing Times and Baby Einstein and Elmo movies. She also loves to pull out anything new she can find in the cupboards, LOVES reading books and just can't get enough of that. SCREAMING for fun, especially to chase the cat or bubba. Our cats and dog get plenty of hugs and kisses from Shraddha. She also loves watering the plants, smelling the flowers, looking for birds and of course.... waking bubba up from his nap.

So much for getting caught up on dishes, laundry, and sleep LOL! I don't even know what that is like. Does that ever happen? If it wasn't for Roger's help, I don't think I would ever see the bottom of my sink.

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