Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shraddha's first hair cut

Mama went wacko with the scissors and chopped my bangs. Good thing I have curly hair! I'm 15 months old and I am glad that I can see now without my hair poking into my eyes. - Shraddha's thoughts.

I got to catch a couple of extra zzzzz's this morning after I plugged Shraddha into the TV. But now I can't seem to get Barney's voice out of my head LOL! "A circle shape is round, a circle shape is round. A circle shape is like a wheel that is round and goes rolling on the ground." UGH! Barney! Who is more annoying Barney or Elmo? I have to say they are both like music to my ears compared to whining and screaming --- ha ha ha.

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