Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Varmits and fall planting!

Ok so I started my late summer planting a little more towards early fall. But next year I will be more with it. I am excited though! We finally have the invisible fence up to keep Sadie dog out of the planting beds. She thinks we are making fun digging and sleeping beds for her!

We planted pumpkin seeds a few weeks ago and now have some decent size plants... they might actually make it....IF the varmits don't get them. GOPHERS why don't they eat the weeds? Why do they want to eat my plants? Well, we have great drainage in our play yard, thanks to the myriad of holes.

I found a great site to buy seeds from gardenguides.com and they listed all types of flowers for late summer planting. AND there is free s/h. I can't wait! I ordered...

Basil Custom Blend
Amaranth Burgundy
Blue Flax Seeds
Delphinium Pacific Giant Mix
Verbena bonariensis

Ok back to folding clothes.... Note the pics of Madhava watering the pumpkin seeds in his shorts, baseball cap and yes..... cowboy boots ( squaw valley style LOL!). Shraddha watering the Sweet Basil plants between sips of water for herself. It WAS hot when we took these photos a couple of weeks ago, but now we have nice cool weather....ahhhh finally!

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Beckie said...

Weeds don't taste as good :)