Friday, September 22, 2006

Blue Lizard Tree Ranch (revised)

Ok, here are some more pics of our property at Ryan's request (that's my brother). He hasn't had the chance to get up here to visit because of his tour bus company in San Diego, Epic Limo.
This is Blue Lizard Tree Ranch. I'm trying to see if this name will stick. It was named after the huge Oak tree above where a number of Blue Belly Lizards live. I have some pics of one of the cobalt blue jeweled Blue Bellies that Zoey found for us... but I will post that later.

These are the BEFORE pics. The AFTER pics will come when the AFTER finally gets here. What I am trying to say is that we have a ton of landscaping to work on. Our plans consist of a nice grassy play yard, an aloe vera, herb and rock garden in the front yard. Gotta love rock gardens...those rocks are great for novice gardeners and the gophers seem to leave them alone. We also plan on making a vegetable garden and planting fruit and nut trees. We had millions of wild flowers in the spring , now we have nice golden hills.

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Namaste - Sundar / Beautiful!