Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue Butterflies on the Basal and other "B" things from this fall.

Our Basal plants (which almost froze last night) were full of bees and these little blue butterflies. They were so much fun to watch this summer and fall. Shraddha added bees and butterflies to her vocabulary.

Shraddha (16 months here) very much enjoys playing at the beach. She would have a blast playing just in the sand and not even notice the water! But once she did notice the water she made a B-line to it! And would stay in the water until her lips were blue!

BAD Sadie...
Many people this fall were raking up leaves, not me. I was busy raking up bits of foam from a cushion that Sadie enjoyed tearing up. There was so much foam that it filled up a 55 gallon trash can!

Began kindergarten!
This fall Madhava was selected from his preschool class to start kindergarten early. He is doing a great job learning to read and to say all kinds of colorful words.

Bouldering with Bubba! We love spending time climbing on and around the big boulders!

Birdie watching and chasing at the beach. This is one of Shraddha's signs for bird.

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