Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pumpkins & Spiders!

We have eight pumpkins the largest was about 7 inches high. And today is the very last day they could grow. It was the first official frost .... Make that a real freeze! Some of the littlest ones on the vine were pretty frozen and the vine and leaves were all crunchy...As well as the tomatoes. Anyone have any good fried green tomato recipes?

Here is a tarantula just passing through our front yard. Both the baby and the dog were quite uneasy about this little guy... (little HA HA HA) I put him in an old fish tank for the day until Madhava got a chance to take a look at him and let him go. I had to keep it in the garage (with a huge rock on top of it) to keep Shraddha from whining about it. Isn't it funny how naturally we are afraid of spiders?

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