Thursday, June 05, 2008

A glance at the vegetarian life: a guide for first timers

A friend of mine was thinking about taking the PETA 30 challenge and going veggie for 30 days. It can seem a bit time consuming when first thinking about meal planning with the goal of staying veggie (it did for me at first too), especially when you have a picky eater and kids. And it may take a little bit of time only because your mind is used to things being a certain way and you are accustomed and used to having the same meals your mom made for you. I happen to feel it is much easier to not have to worry about thawing out meat just the right way, cleaning up the juice and stuff to keep from getting sick, and making sure that it is cooked just right but not too overcooked. Once you have a few veggie ideas to work with, it really does become a no-brainer. To help get you started I made a menu of the foods that we eat.
I also try to include fresh whole grains, flax, and amaranth as well as a mixed green or spinach salad with lunch and/or dinner. I try to just avoid the meat substitutes for personal reasons as well as the fact that they just taste funny when you are used to the real thing.







Oatmeal with sliced almonds, raisins honey and soy milk


Burrito with beans, rice and cheese and all the veggies

Salsa and baked tortilla chips

Pesto Pasta with veggies, zuc, mushroom, broccoli


French toast

Fruit and OJ

Apple and peanut butter

Balsamic Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese sandwich


Baked potato with broccoli and cheddar cheese


Cold cereal


Cottage cheese and fruit

Hummus & tomato wrap with celery and carrots

Cheese and crackers

Stir fry or steamed veggies, tofu and brown rice


Scrambled eggs and toast

Fruit popsicle

Egg salad sandwich with carrots, fruit

Pretzels and raisins

Pasta with veggie marinara


Plain yogurt with jam or honey and toast

Carrot & flax muffin

Lentil soup or Sambar

Grilled tomato with cheese

Garden burger sandwich with grilled veggies and fries


Bagels and cream cheese


Cereal fruit bar

Mac and cheese with carrots and peas

Veggie Omlette

Spinach tomato and mushroom


Pancakes and eggs

Fruit smoothy

Veggie lasagna

Cucumber, tomato, sprouts and cream cheese pitas

Homemade pizza with fresh tomatos and pineapples

What to eat when you are out?
Fast food: Wendy’s has a baked potato, BK has veggie patty, Taco bell burritos (the 7layer is yummy). Most fast food places will make the item you like without meat (and charge full price of course).

Sit down meals: Pasta, Pizza, Omelets, veggie burger substitute (my fav is Red robin’s mushroom burger) or Portabella burgers. Stir fry with tofu and rice or noodles, Eggplant Parmesan, Veggie or cheese enchiladas, grilled veggie fajitas, and all kinds of Indian and Thai and Mediterranean food.

Enjoy your veggie adventure!

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Bronnie said...

What a great idea to support people who are trying vegie for the first time. We do eat meat occasionally, but are mostly vegie, so I'll be definitely be trying your yummy meal plans on the family.