Monday, November 10, 2008

The adjustment period...First Week in new house.

Ok, so we have one whole week under our belt. Everyone is experiencing adjustments. The first night Shraddha was asking if she could go home. But we are all having comfort in each others presence. Heck, even the cats are all getting along and smooshing next to me. Dogs sleep and fart at my feet, and Shraddha is cuddling with me all night long. She laughs as I get ready for bed, she sings and teases... "I am on your side of the bed!"

Not really sure what to call this blog now... as we are not Woodland Foothill folks anymore. We are officially living in the suburbs. And it is nice. I am so glad that so many people pressured me to move even though I wasn't sure it was what I wanted to do. As a new found single mom. Yes officially posted as of now..... Life is much easier here in the City.

I am thankful for my sabbatical up in the foothills far from civilization. I had much meditation and time with nature and many conversations with the earth in which I learned so much about myself and grew stronger for it. Stronger emotionally and physically. It is quite jarring moving back into the real world. But I am ready and enjoying it. I love being closer to friends and that my commute has been cut from 60 min to 5 minutes. This has been much like a birthing process.... not easy...very painful... yet somehow all so worth it and I feel so much stronger knowing I made it through. So I hold on to my daughter and smile in our ability to be strong enough to make it through this process and flexible enough not to break when the heavy winds blow.

Many thanks to all my supportive friends and family! For you, I am forever grateful!

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Anonymous said...

This is a complicated time. There is loss and yet there is new hope. You are a special person, a skilled professional and a wonderful mother. Certainly there will be bumps in the road; but with your strong and positive soul, both you and Shraddha will prevail and have a beautiful life.
You both will always be in my heart.