Monday, April 30, 2007

Babyfest is over!

Shraddha loved Gymboree and I was happy to steal some time away to play with her. Usually Daddy gets to take the kids to all the fun entertainment but this weekend he was in Indiana doing a seminar. Shraddha got to be in the Sling Fashion show but wasn't about to wave b/c she didn't want to drop her water!

WHEW! This year I was much more involved and somehow involved in many more projects! But it was a success! It was nice that we could reschedule the fest to this past warm sunny weekend. The weather had it in for us last weekend. We not only got rained out... we were full on WASHED OUT! We retained almost 70% of our vendors for the "re-do" and even had new ones sign up at the last minute! We even had our highest attendance ever with 1000 people.

Now I get to catch up with my house and my family. Roger says I was kidnapped by Babyfest!

Shraddha wasn't exactly selling T-shirts but she was wearing one! It was so warm she was sucking down Evian like crazy! She was even sweet enough to make sure I had some water too. "Mama wawa, Baby wawa"

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