Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ok, time to fly

That's right, I'm going back to making lists. I've got lists for everything. Nothing seems to get done if it isn't on a list. And why create a list when one has already been made. So, Flylady, hear I come!

I'm also working on a time log so I can figure out where all my time goes. I feel like I bust booty all day sometimes just so see that it looks I did nothing all day.

And I absolutely need to get back to yoga, working out, a regular meditation time and knitting and crochet . It is absolutely amazing how much creativity comes back when your house is in order. (Now to just keep it that way) I keep thinking about getting back to painting and already have the picture in my head.

Oh and blogging. LOL I need to update this page - I still have a snowy pic up there. And believe me it is NOT snowy here right now. Had the A/C running this past week! Tons of wildflower pics and beautiful yellow hills. Have to upload those tomorrow.

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