Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Time!

I just finally uploaded my pictures to the computer. I had this post saved as a draft since Monday!

Another Big Family Weekend!
May 5 & 6, 2007

Roger cleared out some high grass and made room to get the truck out and room to plant some trees! The grass was so thick and so high that you couldn't see if there were snakes. So it was totally inaccessable to us. And I have had enough of chopping up rattlesnakes for this month!

We purchased some trees that we have been wanting since we moved here!

Fuji Apple, Asian pear (Apple-Pear), Almond, Pomegranet, Cherry and Apricot. Redwood for the front yard.

I still have a bunch of herbs and strawberries to plant and even have some sunflowers starting to pop out of the dirt. I was just thinking it was getting late and I really wanted to get some basil planted when I noticed that all the little weeds where the basil was last year are actually basil seedlings YEAH! I have a TON!

We also went to a carnival for Centerville. I met a friend I haven't seen in 4 years! And remembered why it had been 4 years. Somthing about her husband being my ex's best friend. That is a little hard on a friendship. I think I was the one that just let it go. Plus she abruptly ended the conversation with a patronizing pat on my shoulder when she asked if I was working and I said that I was only working a few hours a week b/c I really wanted to be home with my baby. It is amazing to me how you can be so close to someone and have many of the same values and common interests - until you have children and go in opposite directions.

I am very lucky and happy to have the opportunity to surround myself with moms and friends that are supportive and that have the same parenting ideals that I have.

We went to play at a garden center and purchased some more plants and gofer bate. Blueberry Misty and Thompson seedless grapes YEAH! and chocolate mint YUM!

We decided we want a tree for shading the roof and the front yard but haven't picked it out yet.
Chinese Pistachio, Liquid amber? Ginko, Aspen? Silverdoller eucolyptus? maybe something that flowers? or a ornamental purple red plum? - ah maybe not by the front door. And we want a kumkwat tree and a meyer lemon! roses, jasmine, and gardinia.

I just could barely get the laundry clean and hung out to dry and all the meals (but breakfast) and all the dishes cleaned as well as watering the plants. between all that and babytime and time at the nursery.... I still didnt get the laundry folded. and I am stealing my sleeping time to get caught up on emails some peaceful time alone and blogging.

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