Sunday, May 27, 2007

Playing Opossum

Madhava was telling me yesterday that he would really like to see a opossum. I explained that they were sure to live out here but that I haven't seen even one. Then, of course, tonight I open my front door to see what the dog is barking at, to find a baby opossum hanging on the fence we put around our lilac tree.

Cutest little thing hissing at me and showing me his/her? 50 teeth when I got too close. But somehow decided it was ok to let me put it in my hat to bring in the house and show Madhava. I just now realized that those huge city sized rats that the dog/cat have been leaving at my front door were not really rats. It seems this opossum's siblings probably played possum and the dog/cat had their fun. This one here was the only one smart enough to climb UP!

Why was this little guy in my yard? I was thinking it was the dog food but since the first "rat" showed up we moved it. But our yard has a plethora of slugs, grasshoppers, frogs, lizards, mice and vegetation. A regular 'possum smorgasbord!

Here is the little marsupial in my hat and everyone but me the cat and dog are asleep. Check out that cute little prehensile tail.

Here are a couple other visitors that are not playing possum. A skink and blue belly lizard.

More posts to come.... Mother's Day pics, Mr. Play-dough Head, More on Potty training.


Beckie said...

CUTE possum! I wouldn't have the guts to bring one in the house, it would be my luck it would get out of my hat :)

Angela said...

Yeah, it was a mellow little guy but then I started wondering if it would jump on to me... like up on my face. LOL!

David said...

I found one of these guys under a crab apple tree and he was the size of a mouse, since then he has gotten bigger and is a joy to have around. i would love to have more information on these little guys since they are different from the other ones in size, so if you have any other info like the size they will get or anything like that please let me know. Lisa