Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What am I doing today?

Well, besides spending lots of playtime and cuddle time with Shraddha, I broke out the paints and started on a picture that has been developing for some time. Shraddha enjoyed watching and painting with me. She went on and on about "Mama paint, Baby paint...MORE PAINT!!!! sigh.... I am cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms and I hope to get to vacuum and do some yoga oh and finish planting my strawberries and herbs in my strawberry pot... nice and safe from gofers HA! but not babies LOL! I had to turn the A/C on it is HOT in here at 6pm 82 degrees and the sun shinning right in! - usually if I can make it thru 8pm I just need to open the windows.

This week I plan on...
1. hitting the gym - I even have a list of yoga classes.

2. Returning those library books for the kids - would have been cheaper to buy them by this point LOL.

3. Finding some time to play with my yarn.

4. Last and certainly not least.... make sure I have some structured meditation time every day. I certainly am meditative and receive much intuitive info during those times but it isn't structured where I can go deeper into meditation.

Funny how relevant this is with some conversations I have been having lately.

Evil qualities like desire, anger and hatred may arise in you at times but
they should not be allowed to take root in the mind. When someone comes to your doorstep with his baggage, if you receive him and start exchanging pleasantries, he will immediately enter and settle down in your house. On the other hand, if you ignore him completely, he will seek lodging elsewhere. Likewise, when evil thoughts arise, just ignore them. On the other hand, if you entertain them, they will rule over you. When you come across something evil, do not look at it, talk about it or listen to it; just ignore it. You should permit entry into your mind
only that which is sacred. Do not allow evil to enter. Only then can you attain peace. - Baba

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