Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family Time!

I really need to vaccum and steam clean the carpet but everyone in the house is napping but me and the fish and I am not so sure they aren't napping too! So I am sitting down to post about Mother's Day.

But today was a blast! and I need to blog on that first!
We had a busy busy day today! Madhava painted ONE fence post before his arm was going to fall off (from pure boredom).Took longer to prep him to paint then it did for him to get tired of it LOL! Then he took on the job of entertaining Shraddha while Roger and I painted the fence posts. I still think entertaining Shraddha was a much harder job, but more fun. They were playing in the sprinklers and in the kiddie pool. Madhava was trying hard to keep his head above the 1 foot of water while Shraddha the Shark clobbered him. Then after they ate all the watermelon they could stand and were completely waterlogged they rode trikes. That was great fun until Shraddha got too frustrated and demanded Bubba push her around the property in her stroller. 4x4 hopping bumping stroller ride around our gofer holes and dog dirt mounds was screaming fun! The sprinklers that were forgotten were just too tempting for big brother and we ended our outside fun when Shraddha, self strapped into the stroller, was stuck out in the sprinklers. But I was very ready to be done painting fence posts anyway LOL!

Here is Shraddha waking Madhava up after naptime so they can go swing together with Daddy, notice her mouth is open wide so she can scream really loudly - just in case Bubba thought he could go back to sleep.

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