Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remembering summertime

October 2007

Reminiscing about the lovely summer we had while we were off on our summer sabbatical. (Ok so I just didn’t get to blogging almost all summer!)

Lots of lazy summer days playing in the sprinklers and mud.
Tons of tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant and watermelon were eaten.
Much more to come from the looks of the garden!

We even made some nice getaway day trips to the coast, and to Avocado Lake.
Enjoyed some festivities during 4th of July and played and played and played outside!
So many good times with our friends!

We stayed cool inside eating Basil tomato sandwiches and fresh fruit smoothies and drinking chocolate mint tea all from our garden. We tried to keep the watermelon eating to picnics in the shade but that is what got us in the whole watermelon gardening mess in the first place! Stray seeds landing in my flowerbeds, grew faster then the flowers and weeds!
They would probably grow right on the cement if we didn’t wash them off our walkways!

And Zucchini! Let’s just say…. Don’t leave your car unlocked or I will stuff a bag of monster sized zucs in your backseat!

One of my favorite memories was resting back on the driveway with Shraddha, watching the clouds passing by and enjoying the summer breezes. We didn’t even need to say a word other than, “wow!”,while we soaked in all the summer sensations. We could smell the flowers, feel the wind, hear the leaves in the trees blowing, and just watch all the beauty all around us up on the top of the hill….. pure bliss.

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