Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shraddha's World

The word of the day is.....


Could mean she is talking about the really silly appendage hanging off the back of her doggy friend. You know, the one that is hilariously funny to play with or pull?

"Sadie's tey-o hit Shraddha's eye!"

Could also mean she is talking about the thing from her toddler table set that is very convenient for pulling into the kitchen and climbing on to reach those items that were purposely put out of her reach. Also most awesome for sitting on and being a big girl at her little table.

"Shraddha helps Mama cook! Get my tey-o over there at the table!"

Shraddha do it! is another one of her favorite sayings. And be careful if you do not respect her wishes! Be sure to cover your ears, or be ready for a completely sad melt down.

She is doing a great job with being independent though. She is brushing her own teeth now with just a little bit of help from big brother or Daddy. Rarely will she let Mama help. She dresses herself, tips her head back so we can wash her hair without tears now! Climbs into her car seat or anyone else's seat other then her own as long as I am trying to catch her and put her in her seat.

Potty training is going well. She is more often then not, getting to the potty before any accidents as long as she is diaperless. There is the occasional leak, which she tells me about when she comes out of the restroom. "Swean it up Mama! Hear is a towel. Mama do it!" I walk over to her to figure out where. "Right der Mama. By your feet.... eeeewwwwww.... he he he he" as I take off my warm wet sock!

She loves to put lotion on herself and others. Especially loves Mama's lipstick/gloss, often rubbing the glitter from it on her hands nose and chin. Yesterday she kept turning off Bubba's movie so I had her put lotion on his feet to keep her occupied until the movie was over.

But her all time favorite activity at home....... Pestering Sadie dog. - Well, when Bubba is unavailable anyways!

Madhava has been being a great big brother. He helps her with washing her hands and getting her toothbrush ready. He has been doing a great job playing with her and sharing his toys even when he doesn't want to. Found him outside pushing her on the swing today! They were both so happy!

Shradda's movie review:

lets just say..... MORE SHOW WHITE!!!!! That would be Snow White. A bit scary in the beginning with the evil witch, but gets better as she gets to laugh at all the funny antics of the dwarfs. Thank you Beckie for that tape!

Can you name all 7 dwarfs?

Elmo's Blanket is also in the top five this week. Actually has been for the past 4 weeks in a row! More commonly known as Elmo in Grouchland but don't tell her that or the Grochketeer in her will rear its furry little head!

Ok.... well, I'm multislacking quite well at the moment, Off to clean house.

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