Saturday, November 24, 2007

The stupidest things I said this week.

I'm still not one that is big on Memes but this one just happened all on its own.

The top 5 stupidest things I have said this week....

5. "I'll just eat one Rice Krispies Treat." Fixed some yummy no gelatin RKTs after dinner today. So much for staying on track today.

4. Shraddha asks for her favorite Flinstone's vitamin at dinner time tonite, but we already had vitamins with breakfast. She insists over and over "I want a vitamin!". "Shraddha the vitamins are in your veggies!" Shraddha almost cries because she digs and digs in her veggies and can't find the vitamins.

3. "Ok, Shraddha, FINE. You can wear your nice shirt while you paint today, because the paints are washable." Can someone please tell me what they mean by washable? It sure doesn't mean stain free!

2. "Madhava, would you like to paint on the easel or the floor today?"
"Oh I like the floor!" Madhava says very eagerly.
"Great, I will be right back." I walk away to get his paper and come back to find Madhava painting the linoleum orange.
"You said I could paint on the floor!"

1. It's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm alone, the kids are with Daddy on the way home. There is a BIG sale, and a BIG coupon. I am really needing some Mommy time.... and I say to Roger,
"I'm just going to run into Michael's for a minute to get paint." What was I thinking?

TaDa List for today....
  1. I could see the bottom of the sink all day!
  2. Picked up all the toys.
  3. Washed more laundry to add to the huge clean laundry pile.
  4. Vacuumed, treated stains, and steam cleaned the entire front room.
  5. Spent quality time doing arts and crafts with Shraddha.
  6. Made a healthy dinner and Rice Krispies Treats for desert.

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