Wednesday, November 21, 2007

YAY Shraddha!

Warning... the following post has content that might be too much for sensitive viewers. This blog post is made by the proud mother of a potty training toddler. Be appreciative that I don't post pictures.

Today Shraddha was having some Daddy time while I was at work. She told him that she was getting sleepy and it was time for a nap. He helped her over to the couch and she slept for 2 hrs! Then when she woke up she told him, "Come on Daddy, it's time to go potty!"

He took her to the public restroom. Without hesitation, Shraddha let Daddy put her on the BIG potty and she peed!

I just didn't believe it. I am always asking her to use the baby or the big potty at home and she ALWAYS says "no!" That must be the difference. He waits for her to ask and I ask too many times.

In disbelief, I asked if she wanted to go to the restroom with Mommy. And not only did she say yes but she very cooperatively sat alone on the potty! And for the greatest kicker.... she POOPED! Dry... Clean... Diaper alll day long!

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