Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Excuse me, my eye is sweating.

"Excuse me parents, my eye is sweating." , Madhava says, after dirt flicked into his eye.
This morning for breakfast Daddy was serving up orange juice when Shraddha shouted, "NO, I WANT PINK OOOOOJUUU!" Good for Daddy for quickly avoiding a tantrum, saving the day and figuring out that I sometimes put my pomegranate juice in her orange juice. And good for Shraddha for figuring out a way to describe it since I never really told her what it was called!

Peek-a-Boo Shraddha! With her cuter then ever hairstyle! Sure, you sit still and leave the clips in for Beckie. Oh and by the way... she is just too cute to smile in this pic.

This is Shraddha's wreath that she so proudly showed me and then gave to Daddy! Her very cute pine cone turkey made it all of 5 minutes in the car before it became a pine cone rabbit! But Shraddha had fun crafting with the craftiest Mama ever, Beckie and sidekick, Danielle.

The kids had a great time wrestling and yelling in the office while Daddy was giving relaxing messages HA HA! Madhava did his best to entertain his rambunctious sister at Daddy's office while Mommy got to go....OUT! Nice sharing the Transformer camera Bubba!

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