Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funniest things I heard this week..

10. "I'll call you back just as soon as I am done cleaning house"
9. "Excuse me parents, my eye is sweating!" Madhava says after some dirt gets flicked into it.
8. Be healthy, Drink Pomegranate Sake!
7. "Angela, call and let me know what weekends you want to work" Allison - looking for Physical Therapist to cover weekend time at the hospital.
6. " I saw the picture you had of Daddy in his panties on the blog. That is just wrong!" Madhava
5. Shraddha telling me about the scenery on the way to town,
" The baby birdy eats the bugs."
"That is right Shraddha!" Mama says proudly.
"And the cow eats the ducks"
"Huh?" thinking I just didn't quite get the last word...
"Ducks Mama! You know..... quack quack!"

4. Shraddha passes gas quite loudly... looks around and says, "Mommy did it!"
3. "Fried cheese is the shiznits!", Kimmiesue on Twitter.com
2. "You need to put the new diaper on before he sticks his finger in his butt!" Beckie coaching her parental units on proper Jack-jack diapering.

1. Tiffiny says last night during desert, "I never eat the end of the Banana, that the Bananus!"

It looks slimy yet satisfying, but really it is a vegetarian roll. NO, its not made with real vegetarians!

Las Chicas

Happy Birthday Beckie!


Beckie said...

That post almost made me spit out my chocolate silk pie!! I was laughing so hard! LOL!!!

Tiffiny said...

Yes, I agree! Funny as hell! Wait, hell's not so funny. ;) Anyway, I think Beckie's comment was WAAAAAY more funny than mine. But...I was number 1! Yay me!