Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fresno Fair - It was a Blast!

We had so much fun with Beckie and Fam today! We were at the Fair during education days with GAGY lol Gist Academy for Gifted Youngsters. Here is Shraddha after winning a ribbon for a bean bag toss and sporting her I love you Honey sticker. Something new I learned today, that almost all the honey bees/worker bees are female. Beckie and Danielle, after Danielle won a ribbon for the bean bag toss.
There was a great kids pavilion there this year with fabulous kaleidoscopes just ask Jack, he didn't ever want to leave them.

Shraddha's favorite was the Tree House and the Pirate Ship. It was scary and at time the optical illusion was overwhelming and she would scream and hold my hand. Funny thing is she INSISTED, begged and cried to go back. So we did, with less crying the second time, thankfully.

Police motorcycles are FUN! Shraddha in the mist.


Spooky said...

I LOVE that last picture! SO CUTE!!

Just Kim U said...

What great photos! :)

Thanks for your awesome comment. I am looking into local programs for PT right now.

*big hugs and loads of thanks!*

Spooky said...

You've been TAGGED! Go to my blog and follow the directions found here

Tiffiny said...

Oh my gosh...The last picture is the BEST ever!