Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Family Snow Day!

It's Family Day again!

We still have small patches of snow! that is 14 days since the last snow day!
But not enough snow to really play in so this weekend we went up to 7000ft up by Kings Canyon and found a foot or two. That is just enough to go sledding! The sled is a perfect way to get the kids back up the mountain and back to the car too! Shraddha had a blast riding on Bubba's back while he held on the sled, all the way back to the car.

Shraddha is 19 months and LOVES to slide down the snow with Daddy. I am afraid that my screaming down the mountain isn't quite as fun for her. Madhava (5yrs) got to slide down all by himself this time! He even learned how to bale out to keep from crashing! And Sadie loves to run down along with us while all three of us slide. She has a blast in the snow. And of course we all sat and enjoyed a bit of a winter fresh snow cone including Sadie! Silly dawg was chasing snow balls but ate them while bringing them back to us.

We all went to bed early that day, but we plan on going up to the snow more often... as soon as we get more LOL!

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