Sunday, January 14, 2007


From an interview with Clea McDougall, Ascent magazine, Spring 2006:
Clea McDougall: You are the spiritual leader of your Ashram in Southern California. How did you become a teacher?

Swamini Turiyasangitananda:
It started with taking the sannyas. That was a total mystical experience. It was God's deliverance of His anointed mercy on me. I was told the night and time, and to be prepared, so I got ready and put on a white dress and all, and I noticed when the time came, the colors of orange were poured into the cloth of the dress. And I just watched it happen. I just watched as everything turned into the saffron color. And my name was given, of course, and the whole outline of the duty, the work and mission were also revealed.
One of the directives given to me was to start the Ashram. I felt I could serve in any way that God wished. If He wants you to do charity work or humanitarian work or however He wishes to utilize you, maybe just talking or giving musical concerts is fine. Many people have a musical ministry. Whatever was ordered, I would have been happy to receive.

Here are some samples from her recent album:
Satya Sai Isha

"Alice Coltrane was the most humble, spiritually profound person I have ever known. She was my meditation teacher; and, for years I have prepared for this day. All I wanted was to have the spiritual clarity to continue in God's will after her leaving the physical plane (January 12, 2007); and, I have that now. For this I am eternally grateful. I love her with all my heart, my spiritual mother. And, my communication with her is not over. Om." - Roger

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