Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holy Frozen Flurries Batman

(This pic was taken the next morning AFTER the snow plow drove by!)

It is COLD! We had our first real snow. Over 2 inches and looking at the temp of 24-27 degrees at 8pm... the snow is likely to stay. The road was so frozen over that I couldn't get the car up over our hill and around the corner to our driveway. Something about the slippery slope into a rocky ravine really freaked me out. The nice icy slope up the measly little curb didn't make me feel much better either! I wanted to just walk the 600 ft but that was almost as bad. Ever tried walking up hill on ice? When Roger was placing the chains on his car (thank goodness he was right behind me), he leaned on his car to keep from slipping and the whole car slipped a bit! When I left home this morning it took a little while to melt the frost off the window. The frost was so thick the frost had frost. At 8am it was clear and sunny and appeared to be warming up. Tons of stars tonite and no clouds anywhere. I guess that is why they call it flurries LOL.

ok, taking my frosty self to bed.

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