Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blogging Blessings

I am just loving all the spiritual support in this new transformation of sorts that my life, and my family's life seems to be going through. Just wanted to send out my appreciation and be sure to count my blessings.

  • Thank you Beckie for sending so much positive energy and help my direction. I love all the sites and posts that you send my way but most of all for telling me about co-creating and exposing it to me over and over until it finally sank in.

  • Thank you to Hope for being so connected with your own spiritual energy that you can create such meaningful and thought provoking posts. It just amazes me how you post on what I am thinking about and pondering at the moment.

  • And thank you to the Universe, GUS (Greater Universal Spirit), God, Goddess, My greater self, __________<----or enter the diety of your choice here.... for the enfolding miracles happening in my life and for all the supportive souls that you have placed in my path.

From Lessons From Womon Gathering by Lady Rose

"Just for today I’m going to rememberI have the power and the wisdom within meto deal with whatever the day brings.I will let go of stress, worry, and angerand let healing and love flow through me.Just for today, one moment to the next.~ Lady Rose
To take care and honor self first, this is essential for all of us so we can do what we were meant to do in life as well as what we want to do each day and in order to nurture our loved ones and the planetAll emotions are welcome and honored within sacred space.I am valued, useful and needed, regardless of age or physical ability.I can laugh and cry and be wholeI am a healerI am safe, loved, nourished and empowered to set my boundaries."



hopealso of hippie dippie bébé said...

Angela, thank you, I'm honored and humbled! If only you could know how jumbled my head is now and how undeserving I feel! But all I can think of is your lovely links you included in your post, regarding co-creating and enfolding miracles.

How exciting to think that we are all playing into eachother's manifestations of what we hope the universe will bring for us! If I've inspired you or helped clarify your thoughts, then truly you've given me a gift by allowing me to do something worthwhile with my day and what I send out into the world. So I do appreciate your post and so glad I strolled by to find it! Sending positive thoughts for your vision board!

kathytog said...

"lessons..." Lady Rose is most inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. It is great that you are staying centered in such challenging times.

kathytog said...

YOU ARE SO LOVED!and respected by so many.