Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some Shraddha time!

Good Morning! and Welcome!
It was early in the morning when Shraddha decided to start taking pics of Mama!

Time to go out and hold her babies! This little bantum chicken's name really is Baby.
No, she isnt being treated badly... actually she is in chicken heaven!
Baby loves when Shraddha holds her, even if on her back, not only will she put up with it...
she falls alseep there too!

I never realized how much fun we would have with chickens. We are always so excited to run out and feed them leftovers and they jump all over us in excitement whenever we come to visit...especially when leftover oatmeal is with us.

Working on a badge there somewhere for Spiral Scouts.... We are noticing and taking pics of all the wildlife that wanders in our yard (at least for those that wait around for us to take a picture!)
This white butterfly loves our lavendar spearmint flowers. I wonder if the nectur is minty?

And THIS cute little guy a juvenile cottentail finally hopped close enough for his props too!

Just one of the many beautiful sunsets we watch in the evening!

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Tiffiny said...

Dang...You look good in the morning! And I LOVE the sunset!