Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogging Blessings: Friends, Family, and Chickens

1. Birthdays! Happy Birthday Tiffiny! Had a great time at that party, and especially loved how Seren guided every single guest, one at at time during the evening to take us on the tour of the balcony. She is so sweet! As was that Pink Champagne cake Whoo!

2. Spiral Scouts! We love having a spiritually eclectic group of friends all working on earthy projects together. Here is Shraddha with her first Firefly award and award ceremony...

Jack and Shraddha are just pooped out from all the clay play and running around like airplanes. Here they are just enjoying the clouds flying by.

4. Chickens. Yeah, they are counted as a blessing ... maybe not in the same way others count them as blessings.... They are friends not food! Anyway... they are funny! And anything that makes me laugh is a blessing LOL!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Meet Tiny, our feather footed friend. He just came out this week with his first crowing session! Congrats Tiny on being our FIFTH unexpected rooster LOL! And stay out of my grapes, man! Really seriously, ALL Y'ALL OUTTA MY GRAPES!

Watch Suki kitty try to casually slink by the chickens for a chance to roll in the Wisteria flower petals. We know who's yard it is now... and it isn't the dog yard.

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Tiffiny said...

Okay, so I'm soooo lame that I'm FINALLY getting to your blog! What a loser I am! ;) I love your pictures. You always take such good ones!