Thursday, March 01, 2007

Adventures in Co-Sleeping with Shraddha

After spending half the day with Daddy, little Shraddha was completely worn out. She had no nap all day and was fighting a cold. She fell asleep on the way home but woke up as soon as we took her out of her car seat and said, "movie, movie, movie!" Daddy obliged and Shraddha was happy, at least until the movies were over and it was 11pm! She was full from nursing and still not asleep.
We took her to bed anyways and she was happy with getting under the covers and getting warm. But just as we were about to fall asleep she jumps up and says, "movie, movie, movie". We tell her it is night-night time. We sing her a song. She rests for a minute then jumps on our heads and says, "MO-MO, MO-MO....da-da? mo-mo dada MO-MO" (mo-mo = Elmo)
Again we tell her time to go to sleep. You can watch more movies in the morning. She then jumps between us and starts singing "ba ba baba ba ba baba...." All of a sudden Roger and I start laughing realizing she is singing the tune to Elmo's World. We sing along with her.
She eventually falls asleep using my face as her pillow.

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