Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Family Time!

Another beautiful weekend here again. Sunday was 80 degrees! How odd. It is supposed to still be cold and rainy with chances of snow LOL! It was so warm the kids were playing with the water-hose. watering the weeds, the mud, the house, the dog and eachother. We played with bubbles too but the hose was way more fun.

We went to Sunday service and started Madhava back in Buddhist Sunday School. Both kids enjoyed the Family Dharma Service and even Shraddha was singing along and participated in the sermon by demonstrating peek-a-boo with the speaker in front of the Sanga. Of course, she just looked at the speaker then hid her face in Daddy's chest.

Here is the Blue-tailed Skink that Madhava found. Unfortunately, the only picture that was in focus was the one after the little skink lost the last 2 inches of his cobalt blue tail!

Saturday we ventured across the street to look for the stream and waterfall that we hear all the time. We found a stream under the grass we were walking on. Madhava and Roger holding Shraddha slid down the side of a granite slab in a muddy slimy grassy water slide. A fallen tree stopped them from sliding the whole way down. Then Sadie went tromping up to them and slid down the slimy stream getting her head stuck under the tree. (I can still hear her "Scooby" feet trying to get traction LOL!) Her feet were slipping as she was trying to reverse out from under the tree and I was way back in a safe dry spot laughing at that goofy dog. I was laughing too much to snap the picture!

Then we found ourselves in a poison oak jungle! After we escaped that mess unscathed, we sat on the side of the hill picking flowers. What a fun adventure! We all slept for hours - well, everyone but Madhava he rested while watching hours of Scooby-doo! "Like that was fun! he he he he he he"

Shraddha is 21 months.

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Beckie said...

WONDERFUL pictures ;)