Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shraddha teaches Daddy signs

Shraddha got to spend the day with Daddy while I was at work for a few hours. She had a blast, and got to goto the park with Daddy. She used signs to tell Daddy that she wanted an apple and when he said, "Sorry Baby, but I don't know what that means."
She said, "apple" while twisting her fist to her cheek.
Daddy said "oh, apple"
Shraddha nods enthusiastically. After Daddy hands her the apple she taps the apple and says, "Dada, apple" as she signs it again and taps his hand.
Daddy makes the sign for apple and baby nods enthusiastically again and claps and says, "yeah, dada!"

About work: It is going ok. I enjoy helping people and certainly need the cash. But I hate being away from my baby especially on a day like today where she was sick and just needed Mama. She started crying as soon as she realized that I would be leaving for work and she would be staying with Daddy without me. UGH it kills me.

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