Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back to work

Just started back to work on Monday. I'm only working 8 hours or so a week. And Shraddha is enjoying her time with Beckie and playing with Danielle and Jack-Jack. She was giving Beckie hugs yesterday, and believe me.... not everyone gets hugs! She tries to say Danielle and Jack-jack.

The otherday I was at Beckie's house and Shraddha was asking "Mama? Mama? I want Danielle."

Work is kinda weird for me right now. I am trying to figure out what MY role is... or what will be important to me. In the past case management has been very important to me. I would even stay late to make sure everything was taken care of before I left. Now, Mothering my children is most important and I am leaving exactly on time.

I have very much enjoyed getting back intouch with a friend of mine. It seems I am replacing her as she is out on maternity. I really love her theory on being a per dium PT at a SNF. Usually (as case managers) we are pressured into seeing what the patient can do for us. No significant progress.... means no reimbursement... which means no further PT. But Kyndra's thoughts are, "What can I do for the patient?" That's IT! That is the exact reason I became a P.T. Not to be the intrument for the contracting company(AKA PT Pimps) or the SNF. I realized THAT is the very reason I have turned down so many other great paying jobs in this field. This is the theory that we use at our office but it feels good figuring how to apply it to inpatients too.

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