Thursday, February 01, 2007

Momentary Mom Time

What am I up to?

At this very moment I am taking a break from deleting old emails. Found a few important ones that got lost in all the junk. Why didn't my spam folder catch the junk? Oh that is easy, That is because I signed up for the junk or already answered the important stuff but didn't take the time to file it into another folder. Down to 905 from 1024! WHOO hoo!

Shraddha is sleeping nicely on the floor near my feet. She is all wrapped up in her fuzzy pink blanket and working on cutting a few more teeth. I found an eye tooth peeking thru today.

Yesterday when I was changing her diaper, she noticed that I dumped the solid contents of her diaper into the toilet and flushed. Shraddha says, "Bye-bye, bye-bye poo-poo. See you..."

LOL "see you?" like "see you later?" I really really hope not!

What I want to be doing?

Besides getting this house cleaned up, I want to work on the layout of this blog... but all that takes time. And since we are woodland folk, up in them thar hills... we have slow slow slow dial-up and that makes anything on the internet very very slow...

I would also just love to have some more time to knit or crochet. I can catch up on reading while nursing but other than that, my time is baby's time. And since I feel so blessed to have her, and since time seems to just fly by... I just want to play and sing and cuddle with her and enjoy the here and now.

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