Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where's the Sandman when I need him?

Ahhhh, so that is how she looks when she is sleeping? I seem to have forgotten, since it has been so long since she has actually slept!

It's 11pm and Mommy and Daddy are exhausted b/c last night Baby would wake up and cry - not wanting to be touched then fall back asleep every hour or so, and Bubba with his asthma was coughing almost all night long needing numerous medications and treatments.

Time to go to bed baby... "no"

Mama and Dada are going to turn off the lights and go to bed.....(baby turns off lights and crawls in bed and just as my head almost hits the pillow......"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Come on baby, let's have me-mes.... "no, MOVIE!"


Mama can't take anymore.... Mama puts on a short movie, hoping to fall asleep on the couch while baby falls asleep in the chair. Baby Einstein, she hasn't watched that in a while.

"MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" Terrified little baby runs to me covering her face with a blanket and her hands on her ears. You'd think I put in Scooby Doo by mistake! Oh wait, THAT scarey show, she likes. Monsters, Inc.? nope, she loves that one too! It's definitely Baby Einstein, scaring the diapers off my baby. I'm totally perplexed here.

Makes me wonder how much she is NOT appreciating me going back to work - even if just for 8 hours. It means I am away from her for at least 5 hrs each day that I work. That just sucks!

This morning as we were getting ready I told her, "Today, Mommy is going to go to work..."

Before I could finish the sentence I get a really loud shrill "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I wasn't really thinking she could understand what I was talking about. Then when I went to leave Beckie's she sticks out her lower lip and gives me a really sad face and refuses to look at me. Boy was she mad. I know she has a good time there with the kids and I know that Beckie and Danielle give her lots of attention. I just can't help feeling like I am really letting her down.

Ha! Five minutes of Signing Times video and she brings her blanket to me and asks for me-mes. Five more minutes of nursing and she sleeps while I blog.

Off to take my precious princess to bed...

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