Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just let me finish this row!

Ok so the title isn't original LOL! But I do love to knit and I would love to figure out a way to find more time to knit without experiencing knitus interuptus. At least not having to put down my work in the middle of a row or for heaven sake in the middle of a stitch and then to come back and find that the Dog/cat/baby/son, became as enthralled in my work as me.

There is something about knitting though. It isn't like photography, or painting or drawing. It really isn't that permanent. There is comfort in the fact that we can, if we so choose, rip it out cause it is hideous and start fresh. Where else in life can you have a mulligan or redo like that?

In order to combat the overwhelming amount of weed seedlings flooding our property (we are talking full on green property spam here!), we are considering getting a goat or a sheep. All I can think about is all the free wool yarn or angora goat yarn. Of course that would involve carding and cleaning and who am I kidding?

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