Sunday, February 25, 2007

Family Time!

Sunday was Family Day again!
We were all ready to go to play in all the fresh new snow but Shraddha was too sniffely and feverish. So we stayed home and cleaned house. I even got a chance to steam clean the carpet.

Daddy made another yummy breakfast and we played outside for a little while between rain showers, until it got too cold. Brrrrr!

So we did lots of other rainy day things, like build with mega blocks, play with playdoh on Doh-Doh Island LOL! We also read some books, painted with watercolors and took a nap! A LONG NAP! Even Mommy got to catch a few winks while Shraddha was nursing and the cat was on both of us, purring and drooling.

Saturday was so much fun too!
After having a yummy French Toast breakfast from Daddy, Madhava and Shraddha played together and Madhava asked me to take this picture. Don't forget to include the new Bionicle toy from PopPop.

We packed up the car, including the dog and went to play with some friends at The Discovery Center and had Taco Bell there too. After which we went to Woodward Park and fed the geese and ducks our stale old bread.

Our picky little eater, Madhava, the one that doesn't really want to eat anything unless at least 50% of the calories come from SUGAR, was begging and begging for us to let him eat the old-nasty-frozen-for-6-months-heels! Funny how he is trying out all the different techniques for how to convince us to give him what he wants. He made the rounds at the park....almost calmly he would say, "I'm sorry but... I really want to do that!". Then there is getting mad and not taking another step until he gets it. Then there is....crying, I don't want to do anything, you guys are mean, I am the most neglected and abused child there ever was. Next comes getting grumpy and taking it out on sister or the dog with lots of little passive things. Until we tell him to stop asking and find a way to acknowledge him then distract him. That works, at least until he finds something else he can't do like swim with the ducks in the dirty, stinky duck pond! LOL! When it is 50 degrees outside! Ha ha ha that's a good one Madhava! "I'm sorry but I wasn't kidding...."

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