Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok so this is a late post. So sue me LOL! I forgot to put this pic up. Shraddha was very impressed with her outfit and especially loved her pink tights with hearts and flowers.

It was fun getting ready for the Valentines party Madhava went to at The Discovery Center. The whole family got to sit down at the table and be involved with making Valentines. Shraddha made it known that she was NOT being included enough at least not on anything as important. And was very happy to be handed a marker and a glue stick! I even made cupcakes with a frosting heart on top!

So is this the happiest little girl or what? She just loves her Bubba and was very happy to get a special hug from him for Valentines! Good thing Mama had the camera ;)

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