Monday, February 12, 2007

Today Shraddha is 20 months old! She is doing better with me being at work today. Although, she isn't at all happy with it, she is making the best out of it with Daddy's and Bubba's help. And, of course Beckie somehow finds enough love and attention and fun time to go around. Pretty soon I bet Shraddha will let us remove her jacket while she is there! LOL.

Beckie's Sadie just loves Shraddha, and puppy's her LOL. She just loves to cuddle up to Shraddha for pets and hugs and kisses.

Beckie was telling me some of the funny things Madhava says to her..."You Dad is a great spiritual teacher! (pause) and a monkey man!"
He also refers to Shraddha as "my baby". He recently decided to start speaking "Baby" and often forgets his "R" sounds just for fun. He says "I like to use my baby wo-ds for my baby".
- also explaining to me that he speaks like that so that "baby" can undastand him betta"

Shraddha is signing things like..."pretty colors", and "loud", she knows some of her colors. She signs and says "WUUUV EW' - for I love you. She loves Caillou but since she couldn't figure out how to say his name she said, "Rosie" (Caillou's baby sister). She also now says bee-bee for big bird, "AHM(taking a big bite out of the air) Yum-Yum for Cookie Monster. She also now requests, "me-may" for The Little Mermaid and "Shreik" Mooovie. She NEVER forgets to say, "Bye Saaaadie, Bye....See you!", whenever we drive away from home. She also always gives the kitties a big hug and kiss in the morning. Since the rain started she says and signs "wet and rain"....

Speaking of rain.... It just started pouring... I think the snow will be coming down to 5-6,000 ft tonite. Wow not just pouring... make that pounding! I'll log off now before I lose phone and electricity! Off to find candles!


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