Friday, February 16, 2007

First big run of seminars...

Roger is in Indiana! He just traveled all night long and then went to a school to get their students to sign up for a seminar. They did. He then drove another 2 hours before he got to visit with another school owner and then go to sleep.

We have been so busy planning and preparing for this. And we are just so excited to finally be following through with our seminar plans.

Bummer is that the checked bags are lost. Funny thing is that I busted my booty buying, returning and exchanging clothes for him for the trip. Iron all the shirts, packed all the ties....etc... and the bags are lost. Too funny. So instead, he wears his scrubs. But scrubs and staying up all night, and he still makes an awesome impression on everyone.

Today, Shraddha and I got to stay home and just be. It was nice. I was scheduled to work but Beckie and her kids are all too sick and Roger is out of town, so we stay home.

Shraddha sucked down the fruit and yogurt smoothie I made and inhaled all the french toast. Well, so I thought. I picked up her tray to find half of it stuffed under it. She was full after nursing that smoothie.

Many times today she pretended Daddy was coming in the door. She was also asking for Bubba. I try being honest with her but i hate seeing her so sad when I say they will be here in a few days. So we went outside and made the best sandcastles because the sand was still wet from the rain. It was so nice and warm and sunny. It felt like 70 degrees. And Roger is stuck in 6-19 degree weather, at least the blizzard left before he got there. We also watched movies and played with the mega of her top favorite toys.

I have a toddler poncho on the needles in light pink with some frilly fun fur for Shraddha. I also have a hat on the loom for Roger. And a scarf on the needles for Madhava. I did not start all of this today but I figure if I blog about it then maybe I will find time to finish the items. I am the most excited about the poncho at the moment. I just figured out how I am going to make it! Might need more yarn though.

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