Saturday, February 24, 2007

It snowed again!

This time it snowed it was Thursday night at 3am after a bout of rain and hail. It was fun waking up Friday (2/23/07) to a couple inches of snow. It was even more fun having hot water for a shower - in the morning! No frozen pipes yeah! And even better yet.... the snow melted on the road before I had to be on it!

This pic is from Tuesday I was raking the sticker burr weeds I just pulled up and noticed Shraddha and Zoey were playing a game of cat and mouse. Apparently, Zoey got tired of being the mouse and ran for cover on the other side of the fence! What was she gonna do to the "mouse" with that bucket anyway?

Well, while I was tearing out all the weeds (furiously I might add) I was dreaming of what I will be planting in the Spring. Right about the time I had giant sunflowers, flax and amaranth and fragrant herbs on my mind I almost fell knee deep into a gofer den! All that snow we got, that super hard freeze we had that lasted a week or more and the gofers and the weeds just flourished! Well, maybe that means that we will have TONS of wild flowers! I can't kill those! at least as long as I am not taking care of them and as long as the gofers aren't interested in them LOL!

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